Apple MacBook Air


MacBook Air has enough power for work and play - and the M3 chip makes the world's most popular laptop even more powerful. With up to 18 hours of battery life, you can take the super-mobile MacBook Air with you wherever you go and be super-fast at everything you do.

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Additional Service & support for your MacBook Air
One-stop technical support

Because the computer, operating system, and many programs come from Apple, everything works best with the Mac. And only with the AppleCare protection plan, you get service and support from Apple experts, so you can fix most problems with a call. Benefits:

  • Direct contact to Apple experts
  • World wide Apple Hardware Service on site (2)
Additional hardware service options from Apple

The AppleCare protection plan offers up to three years of additional hardware service options through Apple authorized technicians and covers both spare parts and working hours. The plan is the perfect solution – whether you're working at home or traveling with your Mac. Apple hardware protection includes:

  • Mac computers
  • Battery (3)
  • Supplied accessories such as the power supply
  • Apple memory (RAM)
  • Airport (4)
  • Apple USB Super Drive
  • Apple display purchased together with the Mac
Recommended Accessories:
(1) Battery life varies depending on usage and configuration. More information at

(2) The availability of each support option depends on the country in which the service is requested and the location of the Apple authorized service provider. Apple may also require that easy-to-install components (DIY components, do-it-yourself) be exchanged by the customer.

(3) The AppleCare Protection plan must be purchased within 12 months of the original Mac purchase date and will provide additional service options for up to three years from the original Mac purchase date. The service may be used only for the Mac and/or the Apple display and the original accessories supplied (i) with material or manufacturing defects, and (ii) for batteries whose performance is less than 80% of the original capacity.

(4) Airport must be purchased within two years prior to the purchase of the Mac or during the lifetime of the AppleCare protection plan.


For each Mac, the following applies: Free technical support by phone for 90 days from the date of purchase and one year limited warranty. For more information, see Also Here.